The power of email marketing in 2020

Email marketing can be a strong tool for promoting your business. Despite the introduction of new marketing channels, email marketing continues to deliver. Its an effective way to connect with your audience. Instead of your customers getting bothered by ads or having to pay for your messages to be received, emails will be delivered straight to the customer’s inbox.

Email is more than traditional type of digital marketing

Email is considered to be one of the pillars of digital marketing. B2B and B2C marketing have different audiences and communication techniques. B2B marketing is focused more on organizations as customers, instead of individuals. B2B customers are always looking for positive ROIs and statistics to make a decision. On the other hand, B2C customers are more emotional in their decision making process, and are less likely going to use statistics to make a choice or purchase.

B2B conversion points are also a lot higher than B2C points. B2B sale cycles are usually around 3 months long, but can take upwards of 9 months, based on the cost of the product. Email also helps in educating and nurturing B2B relationships while businesses are going through extended purchasing cycles.

Reach beyond social media

The social media are no longer providing the great ROIs they once did for B2B marketing. Changes in platform algorithms have taken a hit on business strategies as business pages have seen a drastically declining organic reach.

Based on research conducted by MarketingSherpa, 72% of consumers want to receive content through email marketing, instead of social media. They also found that email marketing is a more successful driver of conversions than social media.

B2B email marketing assists marketers stretch beyond the limited social media reach, and engage with their customers on a more personal level. While social media may place your content in front of a larger audience, opt-in email marketing places your content into the hands of engaged consumers or businesses that are actually searching for your product or service.

How you can enhance your email marketing strategy

In 2020, there are 5.9 billion active email accounts with a media marketing ROI of 127%. B2B email marketing also has the highest ROI per dollar spent. This means that businesses will be able to receive high returns, in terms of profit and leads, in return for any investment in email marketing.

Nowadays, 83% of B2B companies are using e-newsletters to distribute their content, with email important to their marketing content methods. The future of email marketing lies in marketing automation. Marketing automation is a software that allows businesses to successfully target customers with automated marketing messages across various channels, including e-mail, websites, and text messages to generate sales leads.

With the continuous progress of artificial intelligence (AI), the rise of marketing automation, and the changes in GDPR, B2B marketing’s success lies in the ability of businesses to utilize the power of email to enhance the buying funnel.

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