​4 Effective Content Syndication Strategies

Content syndication is a technique of republishing content on other websites to reach a larger audience and improving brand awareness. It enables you to build connections and helps drive more traffic to your content. Some of the most influential websites like CNN and New York Times include syndicated content. Content syndication gets your blogs posts in front of a different audience who wouldn’t have known it existed otherwise.

There are four effective content syndication strategies successful companies implement:

1. Syndicating 3d party content on your website

As a publisher, you can ask another website/blog to feature their content on your blog. Ideally, your blog/website should include about 10% syndicated content. Even though it isn’t original, it’s a great idea to feature informative content that benefits readers.

If you own a multiple author website, you probably know how challenging it can be to get professional writers to commit to writing a post for you. A popular writer or influencer with many followers won’t have free time to spend writing a unique blog post for you, unless you pay them. This can be somewhat difficult or expensive if you just launched your blog and don’t have a dedicated following or if you’re on a tight budget. Asking to feature an influencer existing content is more reasonable. If you contribute guest blog posts to 3d party website, don’t forget to republish them on your own blog too.

2. Syndicating Your Blog Content on Other Websites

As a publisher, you can syndicate content to be featured on other websites. This can happen in two ways:

1- All syndicated content: You don’t create any original content for the website you’re partnering with. All they do is republishing your content.

2- A mix of original and syndicated content: You will first have to discuss this with the company/website you’re partnering with. You both will agreed to a split that’s acceptable for both. For example, one week you give them syndicated content, the next week it’s an original piece. Another example is agreeing to write 5 points per month, and at least two must be original.

As much as you want exposure, it is essential to remember that finding a fair solution that is beneficial for the both of you is important, especially if you’re going to work together for a long time.

3. Using email marketing to distribute content

E-mail marketing has proven to be the most effective content syndication strategy so far. A targeted list of e-mails can be compiled specifically for your campaign. An exclusion list of competitors and potential clients can be applied too. This leads to maximum exposure to the right audience, producing a higher amount of click throughs and leads.

This will strengthen your brand as well by eliminating any chance of sending irrelevant information to the wrong audience. Content syndication using email marketing also enables the company’s budget to be utilized in the most effective way ,without any losses, and will to provide a guaranteed return (ROI).

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